Get to know me here….

Lifted off from one of my old post. This will be a sticky page and I shall update it from time to time with new information. About me, hubsy, things that I think you all should know. 


Facts about MrsElmiyah:

1) I don’t eat vegetables. At All. Not only i don’t like them. I just cannot eat it. If i do, i will vomit all of them out with any food that is in the midst of digestion in my stomach. Safe to say, Im allergic to vegetables. Hmm, i wonder if there is such a thing. The thing is, my mom did tell me that she LOVED to eat vegetables when she was pregnant with me. Is there a correlation? Any scientist reading this, if you can just enlighten me…..

2) Similar to the above, i don’t drink Coconut drink. But this one, no history of my mom drinking coconut water when she was pregnant sooo, its just me on this one.

3) I love kittens/cats but I am scared of them at the same time.

4) I LOVE pasta! The white, creamy kinds and not the tomato based ones. I can eat them everyday if i want to..

5) I am addicted to coffee. Which is very very bad. But i can’t help it. I can drink more than 10 cups a day. That is how addicted i am and the side effects, it doesnt work on me.

6) My favourite flower is Daisies. it looks sweet and innocent at the same time.

7) I like anything with the butterfly symbol.

8) My favourite colour is purple.

9) I like ribbons on clothes. I would always prefer to have ribbons on dresses. Most of mine do. It just makes it look sweet and elegant at the same time.

10) While i love cats, i hate the rest. Anything. Cockroaches, lizards, ants etc.. I am super scared of them all.


Somebody that I used to know

Hola! I kinda forgot about this blog. Work and social events have consumed my life that I have no energy left to write even when I want to. Its been more than a year. So there is more than a year’s worth of stuffs I can’t even begin to tell. It will take a humongous worth of energy for me to recall and type it all out. Let my instagram pics paint the picture.

Let me try to sum it up in a few points:

  • Lost 13kg of weight
  • Gained 2kg back
  • Lazy to lose that 2kg so I have been pretty much idling around
  • Travelled – check my airbnb
  • Grandma passed away
  • One of my best colleague left
  • Lost a friend
  • Gained a new friend
  • Parents relocated to a new house

And.. those little stuffs that happened in between.

To the friend that I have lost, you know who you are. I am not even sure if you will read this or even know this blog existed. One day, maybe.

You left. Remember that. You broke the trust and honour you earned. You disrespected me. I have principles and you crossed them. Hope its worth it. All the best in your future.

Now you are just somebody that I used to know.


Promise to update soon since a mini-sabbatical is coming up..

But first, i just need to let this one out….

Some people just refuse or are ignorant to the fact that I am out of office.. I can understand that some issues are critical that cannot wait for my return but to text me about things that are not urgent is just plain rude..

I am OUT OF OFFICE!!! Which part of that can you NOT understand, dimwit????

*deep breaths*

Ok.. Till the next post..

Review on Butterscotch Cafe

Went to Butterscotch last Saturday. It was almost a wasted trip. You see, I had been having cravings for sweet foods for a few months already. Those exquisite cakes and whatnots. The last time that I wanted to check out Butterscotch, it was on a Monday and they are closed on Mondays. Last Saturday, we rode to Bukit Merah Central to finally have a fix. When we got there, we saw that it was already a full house except for a couple’s table near the window. From the outside, we could tell the place is really small. It can only cater to maybe about maximum 30 pax. Seeing the empty couple’s table, we remained hopeful and tried to ask for it. However, we were told that we have to be placed on a waiting list as there were already 2 other groups before us waiting for a table. Estimated waiting time was about an hour. We decided to cancel our Butterscotch plans and I was really bummed. Another disappointment. We asked if we are able to make reservations for future visits but they said no, they do not do reservations. I kind of understand that. The place is too small to cater a reservation service.

So we tried to think of other halal dessert cafes. Hubsy suggested Marelle Cafe at Arab street. Not so keen on that one. Been there twice. The place is not that bad despite the long waiting time but I wanted to try someplace new. He told me to contact my bro and his gf (Mia), see where they are and maybe we can meet up. I owe them a treat. Texted my bro and he told me they were on their way to Butterscotch. What a coincidence! Cut the story short, we ran back to Butterscotch to put ourselves on the waiting list. We didn’t mind the long wait since we would have some company. While waiting, we went to get some toiletries but shortly after, cafe called to say we got a table. Nice surprise! Expected a longer waiting time.

Off we go. Bro & Mia came about half an hour later. Orders are placed at their counter and paid upfront as well. They will then hand to you their table number that comes in a form of a gigantic peg and a bucket of cutlery. Hubsy ordered their chicken chop which, I had forgotten to take a snap of. I really love their chicken chop! It came with wedges and coleslaw. The chicken steak was grilled to perfection. The meat was soft and not dry. Love how they drenched the steak with the mushroom sauce. The mushroom sauce, I can tell they made it from scratch and not some ready made sauce you can get at stores. Wedges were crunchy. Not too thin and not too thick. Not salty nor tasteless. Can’t tell you about the coleslaw though… I was already full from the briyani I eaten a few hours before but I couldn’t stop to take a few spoonfuls of it. Will definitely get that on my next visit. Even Hubsy commented that it is so much better than Badoque.

Drinks, Hubsy ordered Mango and Cranberry juice with peppermint leaves. I ordered a Iced Peppermint Mocha. The latter was ok. Nothing to rave about, just a normal glass of chocolate drink. I can definitely taste the peppermint so its not a flonk. Somehow I love Hubsy’s drink. You see, I am not a berries kind of person. I always shy away from any drinks containing berries in it but I really really like this drink. I thought it would be sour but its not. It has the nice tint of sourness but its sweet. Not too sweet.

For the desserts, I ordered to share, lemon meringue cake and churros. For the lemon meringue cake, I would say it was good but not that great. Not too sweet, which I like but wish there is more lemon-ny flavour in it. I can’t review much about the churros because this is my 2nd time eating it. But nothing to complain.. Churros were crispy yet soft. When i hold it up high from the tips of my fingers, you can see that they are slowly breaking apart. Not sure if that is bad or good. The chocolate sauce was what a normal chocolate sauce should be.

Drinks and Lemon Meringue


Bro and Mia ordered churros and “Chocolate Ecstasy” which is what you would call Waffles with ice cream. When it came, we were all surprised that its not a typical ice cream on waffles presentation. They plonked 1 big scoop of vanilla ice cream on a baby chocolate waffle and placed another 3 baby waffles in a triangle set around the ice cream. Drenched it in chocolate fudge and chocolate chips. Hubsy mentioned that the waffle itself is chocolatey. I was getting to be too full at that time so could not really savour the dessert but I think its good. No picture for this, sorry. It was only taken by Mia.

All in all, I was pretty satisfied. Waiting time was not that long. I would definitely come back here again to have my chicken chop and try out the other desserts! But maybe on a weekday… Check out their Facebook page which is their official webpage. Lotsa salivating pictures… Really hope they can expand their cafe or open a new branch somewhere else. They definitely have potential to go big!

That Peg


Hubsy Love


Hubsy & Bro

Mia and me

Not your typical horror story..

So hubsy fetched me at work as per usual and we were waiting for the elevator on the ground floor. One of the elevators pinged open and before we could even move towards the door, a lady rushed out and she had this stricken look on her face. I can still remember it clearly. She looked so stressed out. She almost bumped into me as she was running out. Hubsy saw that too so we were contemplating what could be her problem. I mean, geez, just chill out. You don’t have to be rude to us, the innocent bystanders. We went into the elevator, minds still whining about what just happened.

Hubsy went to press our floor and he saw that floor 6 was already lighted up. We started feeling annoyed. “Irresponsible”, i muttered under my breath. After pressing for our desired floor, Hubsy turned to look at me. At that moment, I was standing right at the back and I was about to rest my body against the elevator wall. Within that split second, Hubsy yelped an “Eh!” and I saw the same stricken look the lady had earlier. I followed his eyes and he was looking at something behind me….

Instantly and naturally, I pulled my body away from the elevator wall and moved towards Hubsy who is now cowering near the elevator doors. It happened so fast that I can put Usain Bolt to shame. I turned my head around to see what was the commotion about and screamed. A HUGE ENORMOUS GIGANTIC HUMONGOUS moth was there, latched on to the very same wall I almost leaned my back against. Imagine if Hubsy was a second late… the TRAUMA!!

So, both of us were cowering together at the doors and I squeaked “Lets get out on the 6th”. Thank God! That lady did us a HUGE favour. Seriously. I was terrified that the moth would take flight because I could see its wings were about to flap. It was the longest 30 seconds of my life. Similar to the lady earlier, both of us immediately jumped out from the elevator as it opened the doors on the 6th floor, startling a poor auntie who was waiting to go down to the ground floor.

As we waited for the other elevator (we now had to wait for the elevator to bring the auntie to the ground floor and come back up again), it dawned on us the reason why the lady who rushed out earlier, was so stricken. And we started to laugh. Non-stop. All the way up and into our house. The kind of laugh that washes your stress away. It was good.

Still, we are being careful now. Ensuring the the elevator is free from any creepy crawlies before we utilise it. Paranoia has crept in, i know…

So yeah, we know its the Moth season (i don’t ever remember this “season” throughout my life) but when will this end?? Its freaking me out!

Did not take a picture cos obviously…..but it looks exactly the same as this one. Tropical Swallowtail Moth, its called.